Best service ever!
- BA

We have been using The Fire Ant Man for 18+ months and the service has been exceptional. We have not seen any fire ants during the time between applications. We have 7+ acres of paddocks and pastures in SC. You will not be disappointed. This product works and Lisa and others are great to work with. Having grown up in Florida it is nice to finally get rid of fire ants!
- George Mann

This Spring we noticed that our fire ant population had grown to a mound on just about every square foot of our 5 acres. Within about 4 weeks of our first treatment, we noticed a HUGE improvement and now, 3.5 months later we cannot say enough about this treatment and the fact that it actually works! We can actually sit in the grass if we want to and have nothing to worry about. We are ant bite free and don't have to worry about visitors or our animals. It is very satisfying to find a company that can actually deliver what they advertise. I am a skeptic turned to true believer. Thank you fire ant man!!! (I especially appreciate that this is non toxic to the environment)
- Colette Thompson

We had approximately 6 acres, including our horse pastures, treated recently for the first time. We learned of the Fire Ant Man after a number of other alternatives we tried were not effective. We were told it would be about 6 to 8 weeks before we noticed a difference and that they expected to get about 95% of the ants on the first treatment. I must admit I was a little skeptical it would be that effective the first time. It has been about 3 months now and we have not seen a single fire ant in several weeks. We are 110% satisfied and plan to be long time loyal customers of the Fire Ant Man.
- Richard Bovard

We own 5 acres of rural land, much of it wooded. We noticed fire ants the first summer after we moved. Each year there were more and bigger nests. We worried for ourselves, our friends and our animals. One treatment wiped the fire ants out. With regular treatment, the fire ants have not returned. We highly recommend this company. It is money well spent that gives us peace of mind.
- Susan H

Fire Ant Free is worry-free for me and my six horses! Not one ant on my property in the three years that I have been using the services of the Fire Ant Man. Plus, Lisa in the office calls with timely reminders as to when my service is due, and always works around my schedule. Friendly, reliable, and guaranteed service...what a great business model!
- Marianne Williams

This is the 10th year that Mark and his crew have treated our property. Everything he told us about fire ants has been true. The only fire ants we've had in ten years were brought in after the treatment in a load of wood. The only bad part about being "Fire ant Free" is you will forget that they are still out there when you visit friends who don't use this service. 10 acres for $500 is a deal. And they drive 150 miles to get here! Local pest control wanted 3 times as much.
- Fred Steele

I have been using The Fire Ant Man on my horse farm in Aiken, SC for the past four years. I have had no fire ant problems since I started the service, and I know the horses, the dogs, the cats, and other living things are safe from chemical harm. This is a great product and the service is top-notch. Deborah K
- Deborah Kuhn

What a lovely fire ant free summer! Thank you!
- Sarah J

IT WORKS! IT WORKS!! IT WORKS!!!!!! Growing up in South Carolina I have watched fireants take over yard after yard , sides of the highway. Fireants ruin sporting events, picnics and just lazy days sitting in the yard. After being recomended by a friend and grilling the owner about how the process worked(He was so patient :) ) I snuck and gave them a try(skeptical husband). The ants WERE COMPLETELY GONE in 6 weeks. GONE!!! I could sit in the grass for hours, with my toddler daughter,carefree. I haven\'t sat in the yard Carefree for years. Always scanning the ground to see if the ants have found you. My skeptical husband didn\'t believe the product was that effective, had to be a different way , blah blah blah..... So we went FireAnt Man-less for a couple of years. (enter Mad Wife) It wasn\'t until the ants moved into my husband\'s shop that he saw the error of his ways!! Never have I been so glad to see that red dually come down our driveway. We have been ANT FREE for years now!!! Horses and Chickens are glad too. Also since going to All Natural Pest Ellimination I have seen a return of other wildlife that chemical treatment had obviously been detrimental towards. Butterflies, fireflies, lizards and hoppy toads. All Natural Pest Elimination is the way to go if you want to be ANT FREE!!!
- WK Follmer

We have a 30-acre horse farm and The Fire Ant Man is the most terrific, effective, non-invasive service for a bad pest that I have ever bought. We seem to have no fire ants at all, anywhere on our property. The people who come twice a year to do the service are so good with horses that this year we didn\'t even know they were there because the horses were all totally unfazed. The product works so well it is hard for anyone to believe us when we tell them! I found the Fire Ant Man through a sign I passed on the road, and boy am I glad I called that number!
- Debbie Kuhn

Now several years ant free. Tell Mike where a \"hot spot\" is and he will take care of it.
- Gist Farr

First treatment completely eliminated fire ants and has kept property free of fire ants. Follow up treatment performed as recommended, no ants anywhere on the property.
- Jennifer Batts

This is a great company with a great product.The professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff treat the farm efficiently with no disruptions to the horses\' schedule. It\'s great to know that Durnovin\' is fire ant free.
- Colleen Huber, Dunrovin\' Farm, Waxhaw, NC

- Colleen Huber, Dunrovin\" \'\'

It is just unbelievable how ALL of the fireants have been eradicated from our small horse farm outside of Raleigh, NC! I will NEVER be without The Fire Ant Man from now on! Love their efficiency and great customer service too!
- Judy Hadley, Gaits of Heaven Farm

Best investment I\'ve made toward the farm. Yard and pastures were a nightmare due to the fire ants but within days of the initial application the results were unbelievable. Now the dogs, horses, goats and especially grandson are safe from the pests. - Fort Lawn, SC
- R. Blevins

Our farm looked like a checker board of fireant hills when we met Mark and had our farm treated in 2005. Thanks to his professional services, we are still FIREANT TODAY. Wish everyone used THE FIRE ANT MAN. Henry Dixon, Florabrookfarms,Ridgeway,SC.
- florabrookfarms

I am very pleased with the results of work done.
- james purcell

These guys and their service are great! Not only do they do a really great job, but they are on time and professional as well as friendly and knowledgeable about all sorts of "critters." We have kids and animals who I want to keep away from fire ants and this product works like a charm and still is kind to the rest of the world.
- carol peake

I wish everyone in the south used the fire ant man, then everyone would be as free of fire ants as we are THANKS MIKE!!! Lanni and Richard Brancato
- Lanni Brancato

I am so pleased with the treatment. They were pleasant to deal with and very efficient!! Thank you! Now I have one least thing to think about!!
- Cathy Stangroom, Moss Creek Equestrian Center

All Natural Pest Elimination does a great job. Our farm is fire ant free which helps keep our horses and boarders happy. I would never consider NOT using their services in the future. The benefits more than outweigh the costs.
- Jennifer Whichard

within a month of the first treatment, all fire ant hills that were present became inactive. I simply do not have fireants any more! My dogs and horse are safe....thanks for a wonderful improvement in my life.
- Claudia Coleman

My horse farm in Southern Pines is fire ant FREE thanks to your the EXCELLENT service and commitment. The actual cost is VERY competative but the VALUE is unequalled. My horses, staff and I really appreciate your effort and concern to provide the highest quality service at the lowest price. Neil Schwartzberg CANDLEWOOD FARM
- Neil Schwartzberg

We purchased acreage on the NC/SC line in 2007 which was infested with fire ants. We attempted to overcome them with our own efforts only to fail. THE FIRE ANT man had been called in to treat FENCE's 300+ acres that borders ours. He left a sign advertising his services on their property. I visited the property daily all of 2007 & 2008 noticing that the fire ants were gone. In 2008 I gave up on self erradication of the nasty pests & called Mark, THE FIRE ANT MAN. He was wonderful, very professional & agreed to service my property. The gentleman doing my hay told me I waisted my money; there were ant hills all in my hay field. That fall he appoligized saying he was wrong - the fire ants were gone & they are gone!!!! Mark's service is wonderful, efficient & he keeps me informed when he is coming. Mary & Jack Britt, Tryon, NC
- Mary K. Britt

I tried everything to eradicate fire ants on my property in Aiken and had no lasting success. Thanks to All Natural Pest Elimination, I have had absolutely no fire ants at all for two years! Since my property is all organic and we use no chemicals, I was adamant about not using anything toxic to kill the fire ants. I am especially delighted that the treatments are not toxic to my animals or the environment. We are now fire ant free!
- Louise Mellon

No doubt about, and really don't know how he does it, but we do NOT have ANY fireants on our beautiful farm Brooklandwood. NOT ANY! When our patrons, all 15,000 strong, show up the Last Saturday of Every April to party, tailgate and watch some grande steeplechase racing we call the Queen's Cup, one thing they don't have to worry about is getting stung by fireants. Prior to Mark showing up four years ago, we were inundated with fireants, and every year was getting worse. Our patrons were getting stung and the medics were spending much of their time chasing down patrons who were stung. I worry about a lot of things leading up to the event and on race day, but one thing I don't have to worry about are my patrons getting stung or a horse stepping into a fireant mound and getting hurt. Worry free service.
- Bill Price, Race Chairman of Queen's Cup Steeplechase

The first time I called Mark we talked at least 30 minutes about fire ants. I knew more about them when we hung up than probably 98% of the people in the world. Everything he said made perfect sense to me. We haven't had a fire ant on our twenty acres in three years. Just watching the grandkids playing chase or hide-and-seek in the yard is priceless. The only bad thing is that when you go somewhere else that's not treated you don't think about them until it's too late. Too bad everyone doesn't know The Fire Ant Man.
- Fred Steele

We here at the Carolina Cup Racing Association couldn't be more pleased with your service and dedication!
- Carolina Cup Racing Association

All Natural Pest Elimination will not disappoint you. Mark is a professional that really knows his business.
- Anonymous

I've been so happy with The Fire Ant Man. The result is exactly what you want.
- B. Alton

We have 5 open acres on our property and most of it was infested with fire ant hills. I couldn't have children play in my backyard because of the ants. I was amazed at how quick and effective the treatment was. I've not seen ONE ant since their first treatment!
- Marq and Hilda Ryan, Wingate NC

I have a small horse farm that was over run with fire ants. I couldn't put hay on the ground without fear of the horses getting stung. My grandchildren wouldn't go outside after they had been severly stung. Nothing I did was effective. I saw Mark's sign and called him. I've been using his service for several years now and am so relieved to never see a fire ant. He provides a wonderful service. I highly recommend him and his crew to anyone needing "ant therapy".
- B VanDeMark

You will not believe the results. Amazing!!! All of our horses and dogs can now enjoy the property safely.
- Marty Vainright

I have used All Natural Pest Elimination (Mark) for years now. After fighting these pests and losing, it's wonderful to look out on my pastures and only see green, not the big ugly red mounds. No more worries that the horses step in a hole or foals lay on a mound. Thanks!
- M.Aarnink

I cannot say enough good things about All Natural Pest Elimination, Inc., (Mark Konish, Owner) I've been a constant customer for several years now and depend on Mark and company to keep me rid of fireants. My 'holding' is only 6 acres yet they come faithfully twice a year, get the job done, and I've never worried about fire ants on my property since. I'm highly allergic to even one bite and haven't worried about that since they started treating my place.
- Kay Meredith

UNBELIEVEABLE!! Within two days of treatment, all the fire ants were gone! Mark has worked for me for over two years, and since he started, I have NO problems with fire ants any more! No worries about my horses or other pets getting stung. And no worries about keeping the horses off the fields; they can go out on the pastures immediately after the treatments. I'm SO grateful to have found the Fire Ant Man. Thanks! Renee Aycock Raleigh, NC
- renee aycock

When I Initially contacted Mark I had a severe problem with fire ants in my rabbit enclosures. The ants were actually killing my new born rabbits. I have not had any fire ant problem since treatment by THE FIRE ANT MAN. Wayne Duncan Monroe N.C.
- Wayne Duncan

Mark has been treating my farm for four years and it is totally fire ant free! The ants were totally gone in less than 2 weeks. Nothing else works that I have seen. No more worries of horses breaking a leg stepping in a hole made by the ants! Not only is the service effective, Mark and his crew are friendly, professional and a pleasure to know. Thank you, Mark! - Betsy McCray
- Betsy McCray


Mark has solved my fire ant problem for years. He and Mike do a great job and have been a pleasure to do business with.
- Bill Calvert

We had a horrible problem with fire ants. I hated to turn my horses out because they were so bad in some of the pastures. Now we are fire ant free since using the service last year. It took a while but slowing they started disappearing and they didn't come back.
- Jane,Columbus, NC

We are very satisfied with the results of the fire ant treatments. Our campers can now sit out and not worry about the stings of fire ants. Mark is very professional and his treatments work.
- Charlotte Motor Speedway Campgrounds

Had multiple complaints about all the fire ants on property when our campers were here. Mark came and treated the areas and we had NO complaints. I highly recommend him.....we now use him every year!!
- Ann Robinson

We are very happy with the results of the fire ant treatment provided. With race horses in training not having to worry about ant hills and holes in the ground from the hills is very important. We are very pleased to have Mark's team servicing the farm!

My farm in Johnston had a huge problem with fire ants. With the first treatment the farm was ant free. Mark's dedication to his customers and knowledge of treatment procedures has made me a firm believer in his company. I will always be grateful for how he cared for my property (the horses are too) - my advice to new clients - don't wait you will never regret it!
- Bernadette Clayton

I tried EVERYTHING on my small horse farm in Aiken, and had to treat every week to attempt to stay on top of the problem.. It was exhausting, and only somewhat successful. Now Mark and his crew come twice a year, and I have no mounds.....I can ride in my field without worrying that my horse might get a foot in one..... and the best thing is that he guarantees his work. I was very very skeptical, and now, I am quite happy with the results.
- Janet BD

We are delighted to have found you and your approach to this noxious problem. We are pleased to be on your treatment schedule for our small horse farm.
- The Lueck's

This is my third application and I was fireant free after the first treatment. My property was so bad with mounds ,it was affecting the mowing equipment. A new foal had no where to lie without getting into trouble with ants. It is a blessing to be able to use the weed-eater on pasture fence and not have to constantly look at my feet to see if I was being attacked. Thank you-Thank you.
- B. Warren

Mark was so knowledgeable and effective. I am very thankful that he is such a pro.
- B Alton

I first met Mark The Fire Ant Man in spring 2008 and I was a bit skeptical at first that he could fix my fire ant problem on my 30 acre farm. We tried everything,he was the last resort. We saw results within 3 weeks. We noticed the ants fading away. At the 8 weeks we all went on a fire ant hunt and found none. The money I saved in chemicals,time and Vet.bills more than paid for his service. He not only saved us money but since he has been providing treatment,we have not had any fire ant problems.All I can say is "Best money we ever spent".Mark and his crew is one of the most respectful companies that I have ever worked with. Its a pleasure to have them on our farm.
- Robert Edgecomb Charlotte NC


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